Château La Mission Haut-Brion Rouge

Complex, full-bodied and rich… Château La Mission Haut-Brion red invites the most flattering descriptions. The blend adapts according to the vintage, but Château La Mission Haut-Brion red wine always retains its unparalleled charisma.

tasting notes

The colour is a strong, dark red. The first nose is very aromatic and fruity. On swirling, a world opens up, it breathes a sensation of depth: perfect ripeness of fruit, complex. The first taste is wide and thick, devoid of heaviness. Fruit is foremost as it develops. The tannins are abundant, plump and juicy. This is a wonderful, bountiful Mission.

The weather

Winter was marked by relatively low temperatures and heavy rainfall.  Budbreak occurred in mid-March.  The rainy weather and rather warm days encouraged the vine to grow continuously, at a frantic pace.  The teams had to be on the alert, relentlessly observing the vineyard to prevent any risk of disease and to be able to step in rapidly.  The advantageous position of the vineyard, where air circulates well, which limits the length of time leaves retain moisture and the constant watchfulness of the winegrowers in the vineyard made it possible to prevent the development of diseases, in particular mildew, the pressure of which was extremely intense. 


Flowering and then the formation of clusters occurred in excellent conditions, promising an abundant harvest of grapes.  Throughout the whole season, green work, so necessary in this year, was stepped up.  In half of the vineyard, leaf-thinning was done on the sunrise side.  Green harvests were increased, whereas trimming was restricted to maintain the coolness of the soils and to protect the grapes from the risk of sunscald damage, by enabling them to benefit from the shade provided. Harvests of white grapes began on 24th August, in sweltering heat.  As in previous years, the grapes were only picked in the morning and transported in refrigerated vehicles, to protect the aroma precursors. 


This special care was combined with meticulous sorting in the vineyard and on arrival at the vat house.  The first juices of white grapes promised a fresh vintage, with lovely crisp liveliness.  Harvests of red grapes started on 6th September, in good weather conditions, although very hot.  The grapes were ripe and concentrated for all the varieties, with an abundance in phenolic compounds rarely seen before and a very good content of sugar.  As for the juices, they were fresh and fruity.  The bountiful harvest stretched out over 20 days for all of the plots and in weather conditions that remained summery. 

A few figures

  • Harvest Dates

    from 6th September to 3rd October

  • Blend

    52.7% Merlot

    29.6% Cabernet Sauvignon

    17.7% Cabernet Franc

  • Alcohol

    14.5° (provisional)

  • New barrels